About Us

Effectus is an IT consultancy company providing a range of services to help our clients to get more value from their investments in IT.

Our specialty is IT governance and all our service lines and services are based on good governance practice.  We maintain vendor independence.

Effectus has clients throughout New Zealand, with a strong presence in government and tertiary organisations, and in agribusiness in the South Island, and is expanding its client base in the North Island. On-going relationships in these organisations provide breadth and depth to IT governance.

Effectus has offices in Christchurch and Dunedin.

Our consultants combine their experience in good practice with the methodology we have developed for each of our services, in order to right size each engagement for the customer.

Our consultants have a vast range of collective experience. Most have some experience working overseas in addition to their New Zealand experience and our culture encourages a collaborative approach to delivering good outcomes for our customers.

Our Journey

Effectus was founded in 2007 in Christchurch specialising in IT governance from the outset. The name Effectus was chosen, which in Latin broadly means 'Accountability for Results'. Since then Effectus has continued to attract high calibre consultants from a range of backgrounds to work together to provide the expertise and knowledge to develop the methodologies that Effectus is proud of.

The following year, in 2008, Effectus established offices in Dunedin. A foundation customer was Dunedin City Council, and our consultants continue to work with this organisation today. Since it started, Effectus has built a name as the go-to company for IT governance for South Island organisations, particularly in local government, tertiary education and agribusiness.

2010 and 2011 brought significant change to Effectus as a result of the earthquakes affecting Christchurch. The company and its consultants adapted to suit with Christchurch consultants working out of temporary premises for a lengthy period. Colin Andersen co-leads the EPIC initiative to bring a world class innovation and IT hub back into the city and Effectus is an anchor tenant in the EPIC Sanctuary. Effectus moved to the new office in November 2012.


Our Vision

  •  Increase the maturity and strategic value of IT capability across New Zealand

Our Mission

  •  Trusted and valued by all our clients for delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions

Our Values

  • Passion - We are passionate in sharing our wisdom with our clients
  • Personal Growth - We are committed to the personal growth of our team
  • Quality - We are committed to following Effectus quality standards
  • Fair & Reasonable - We are always fair and reasonable in our decision making
  • Enjoyment - We enjoy what we do and have fun in the process