Nurse Maude

Services Provided: Customer Experience


As businesses develop and evolve, IT systems need to do the same to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the business. As more parties become involved in the delivery of these support services, communication can become a challenge, business needs can be lost in translation and service delivery can lose efficiency and effectiveness.


Due to a gap in the IT service delivery processes, the evolving needs of the business were at risk of not being supported.

Effectus Solution

Effectus engaged with Nurse Maude and worked closely with them to understand their IT system and service support needs. Our role in this engagement was primarily one of facilitation, translation and enabling effective communication between the groups who deliver the IT Support Services, which include both technical and business focussed groups.

We worked with the parties to ensure everyone understood service delivery expectations and also to make sure everyone was working towards the same goal – the effective delivery of these IT support services.

It is vital that end-user needs are understood so that IT services can be developed and focussed to deliver effective and efficient support , this often requires translating technical processes into processes that all end users understand which can be a challenge but is something Effectus does very well.

As a result of our involvement and work with Nurse Maude, they are on track to achieve a more business focussed and engaged relationship which in turn allows for conversations and development that supports efficient and effective IT Support Service which will continually and pragmatically improve and challenge the level of service offered to better enable IT to support the on-going success and growth of this business.