Business Requirements Collection

What is it?

Business Requirements Collection are gathered by consulting the business before going to market for a new service or solution.   These requirements are based on what the business needs to deliver, and the service or solution is the tool that helps with this delivery.

Collecting requirements removes assumptions, which can be made by both parties.

How will it help you?

It will provide you with a set of requirements which outline what the business needs to deliver.  You can use these requirements as the basis of a test plan.  This set of requirements can be reviewed and updated as the business requirements change over time. 

It will help you avoid project failure, when the project fails to deliver what was expected.  It avoids wasting money on a project and avoids unhappy business customers.

We can collect requirements or work with your analysts to review their requirements against best practice.

Next Steps

  • Are you preparing to upgrade your systems?  Do you want us to help you collect requirements for inclusion in an RFP?
  • If you would like to talk to a reference client for this service, please contact us.