Shared Services Feasibility

What is it?

An Effectus Shared Services Feasibility Review looks at IT maturity, infrastructure and applications for each of the organisations in the group looking to share services. We make an assessment on each organisation's readiness to align their infrastructure and applications with others in the group.

How will it help you?

We work with you to see if shared services are feasible for your IT. 

For each organisation we identify any quick wins that will make the most of IT investment and increase readiness for shared services. 

We work out if it makes sense financially to share services. 

We work with you to decide whether there are applications that could be shared by organisations in the group, for example, a shared financial system. 

We work with you to prepare a group strategy for shared services, to align systems, share infrastructure and share IT services.

Next Steps

  • Are you thinking about IT Shared Services? Have you been asked to look at IT Shared Services? Why not do a Shared Services Feasibility Review.
  • If you would like to talk to a reference client for this service, please contact us.