Infrastructure Architecture

What is it?

Infrastructure Architecture enables you to plan what infrastructure you need to support business system changes.  It involves defining the scope and principles to design a model of your infrastructure. This model shows how the different systems are integrated and the architecture can be viewed in different ways.

How will it help you?

Maybe there is no one in your IT team with the skills to prepare your infrastructure architecture design. Or there are other more urgent priorities and no one is available to prepare it. Effectus consultants can provide up to date independent and business focused advice on your architecture. We can help determine if the current infrastructure is cost effective and how well it performs for the business.

Use the architecture to:

  • manage infrastructure projects
  • create technology roadmaps aligned to what the business requires
  • help reduce the complexity of the technology
  • make it easier to make technology changes

Next Steps

  • Do you want us to help you model your Infrastructure Architecture? If you do, why not start with an Infrastructure Assessment?
  • If you would like to talk to a reference client for this service, please contact us.