Disaster Recovery Plan

What is it?

An Effectus Disaster Recovery Plan is prepared by the IT Team for the loss scenarios they have agreed are most important for the organisation.

How will it help you?

Disaster Recovery is not simply the duplication of infrastructure. IT needs to focus on recovering the systems that are mission critical to the organisation. These are the systems or the key business processes that keep the organisation operating. If your business managers haven't identified what these systems and processes are, and it isn't a priority, then you will not have confidence that these services can be recovered in the event of a disaster. 

Disaster Recovery is NOT Business Continuity Planning or Business Continuity Management. However Disaster Recovery should be aligned with the bigger picture of Business Continuity Management.

You will have a plan that is scheduled to be updated regularly. It details how to recover systems that support mission critical business processes. You will not be focusing on business processes that cost a lot to deliver but don't give a lot of value to the business. The Disaster Recovery Plan is integrated into ICT operational procedures so the ICT team are aware of the risk, maintain the systems and this reduces the cost to deliver the service recovery.

Next Steps

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