Service Delivery Roadmap

What is it?

Service Delivery Roadmap is based on your IT strategic goals for service delivery.  Customer service functions are aligned to these strategic goals.  The roadmap represents the action plan to achieve these goals within a realistic timeframe for introducing significant change for many people both in IT and across the organisation.

How will it help you?

It will help you develop a service culture that is customer focused.

It will set realistic timeframes for changes to service delivery that involve many people across the business.  It includes steps to introduce the change and communicate to all parties.

We work with your IT Service Delivery Manager to ensure the service delivery team can work with and meet the objectives that have been set.

We help you prioritise your goals for service delivery.

Next Steps

  • Do you have a strategic vision of what your customer service performance should be?  Do you want to increase your service delivery capability?
  • If you would like to talk to a reference client for this service, please contact us.