IT Strategy Development

What is it?

Executives and Boards want evidence that IT investment is justified and aligned to the organisation's business strategy. An IT Strategy is a simple concise strategic plan which supports the overall business strategy. It provides a clear plan and budget for the medium term investment in IT. The IS Strategic Plan is commonly referred to as an ISSP. 

It follows on from our IT Maturity Assessment which gives you a baseline of your IT capability and performance. The plan includes improvement targets and the activities you need to complete to meet these targets. It is supported by a clear implementation plan and budget.

How will it help you?

We work with you to align the IS Strategic Plan to the overall business strategy. We help you to develop a plan that is understood and supported by managers in the business and is right sized for your organisation. 

The plan includes the strategic funding requirements and the business outcomes this investment will deliver. 

The plan addresses key strategic questions around application investment, service delivery improvement and outsourcing versus in-house service delivery. 

We help you plan how to communicate the key messages from the plan to the rest of the business.

Next Steps

  • Does your IT Strategy need reviewing? Do you have an IT Strategy?  We can help you with your IT strategy development.
  • If you would like to talk to a reference client for this service, please contact us.