Through my involvement with the ITP and during attendance of the ITX Conference in 2018, I was struck by how many professional bodies are in existence across the Tech sector (there are at least a dozen involved with the running of the ITX event alone). This runs the breadth of special interest subject areas such as Project Management (PMI, NZ Chapter) Health sector (Health Informatics NZ) through to Internet Governance (Internet NZ) and ITPNZ (the “voice of the profession”) along with regional bodies like Canterbury Tech, the success and reach of which is well known outside of the Canterbury region.

These days when time seems to be increasingly finite with demands across both working and domestic life it can become difficult to allow any capacity for professional memberships and associations. I believe that in these times, where it is increasingly necessary to communicate the value you will provide, the need to belong to professional based bodies is more important than ever. As an individual in the Tech sector, seeking career relevance and an upwards trajectory can be in equal parts frustrating and elusive. Professional association involvement provides both a sense of community and continuity while overall maintaining a sense of being connected especially when professional disruption (i.e. day job) changes occur.

In this age of Digital Disruption and new service lines, the channels for doing business and ways to generally interact are more prevalent and varied. The corresponding structure to support industry or business evolves accordingly. This means that skills required for technology-based roles change along with business lines and support models. Professional associations can provide some clarity to role development and insight to the changing landscape.

There are, however, challenges for Professional bodies to engage with Tech sector professionals. Special interest group involvement via Meet Ups & other social media platforms means that traditional event structures and communication channels must adapt to appeal to a cross section of Tech Professionals.

Regardless of the medium or method there is an ever-increasing need for being involved with professional peers to ensure a progressive, relevant future in the Tech industry.


Blair Morgan is a Board Member of ITP NZ

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