Our latest Whitepaper address the security challenges Business face protecting their critical data. We provide an outline of some of the risks including Cyber attacks that could threaten your business and a Checklist to ensure your company has minimised its data security risks.

In today’s world where businesses are run almost entirely with computerised systems the risk of a security breach is higher than ever before and it is conceivable at some stage critical business data will be accessed, stolen or leaked from your business.

Cyber Security is increasingly becoming a concern in the Board Room as significant business risk and companies must take steps to ensure this risk is understood and appropriate security put in place.

Knowing what business data is critical to your business (e.g. customer information, product pricing, sales information) and ensuring the appropriate amount of IT security is in place following a business risk assessment is a critical function for the IT Manager or CIO.

A single data breach could cost tens of thousands of dollars to physically rectify the breach, an even bigger cost impact would be the reputational damage to your organisation with potential loss of customer confidence.

“60% of all targeted attacks are towards small to medium-sized organisations”
Source: Symantec, 2015

In a recent American survey entitled The Business Impact of Data Breach, almost half of the breach incidents were attributed to lost or stolen equipment such as laptops, PDAs, and memory sticks. The second largest threat came from negligent employees and temporary employees.

This whitepaper provides some challenges for you to consider about how you, and your business assess the appropriate level of security and how it is managed in the current business environment.

Effectus Whitepaper – Data Governance

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