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Information management

Information management

Effectus helps Bay of Plenty Regional Council master their Information


Information management

Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BoP RC) had requested that Effectus create an Information Strategy aligned with the business strategy that supports the LTP.

Business architecture

BoP RC wanted a collaborative approach with Effectus that ensures that BoP RC have ownership of the deliverables that will be aligned with existing frameworks. As Effectus is working with several Councils developing and implementing their IM Strategy there was opportunities to collaborate.




Key Approach

Information management

Effectus utilised our IM Strategy Gated Approach, as per the diagram, that has been adapted from industry best practice to be pragmatic for New Zealand organisations. The individual components that were utilised in this engagement were the IM Capability Assessment, IM Strategy, Roadmap, Programme of Work, and that we help form an IM Steering Group.

As Effectus has been working with LG for some time we were able to provide IM Capability benchmarking against other LGs.


Information management

A key output from the IM Strategy engagement was the Roadmap which was a collaborative effort to create a linked series of initiatives that would improve capability by focusing on foundation activities in a phased way, as per the diagram at right.

Effectus was involved post strategy to help implement the IM initiatives and assisted with establishing an effective Governance model.


Information ManagementBay of Plenty Regional Council now has a heightened awareness of the importance of data and information and how that creates value throughout the organisation.

The value that Effectus offered was summed up by Evaleigh Rautjoki-Williams (Business Engagement Manager).


“The IM strategy has been very useful, and it has provided a framework for aligned initiatives like our Digital Plan” – Te Mahere Matihiko.

Information management

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