Case Studies

                Effectus helps Westland Milk define an IT Strategy and a path forward

Westland Milk Products (WMP) faced an issue with their incumbent CIO resigning, HR issues within the IT team and a lack of confidence in IT from the business. WMP approached Effectus with the concept of a temporary CIO to fill in while a new CIO was identified from the market.

Rather than simply providing an interim CIO, Effectus proposed an outcome-based approach. This delivered WMP a clear IT baseline, a realigned IT Strategy, and an Action Roadmap for the incoming CIO to lead and deliver. The aim was to review and assess the maturity of day-to-day IT processes such as service management, systems management, and the application and systems lifecycle management.

Governance and accountability were proposed that ensured that WMP executive leadership had confidence that the IT Department was closely aligned to business targets and the required improvements were being delivered successfully – and that the focus was aligned with the business priorities.










Key Approach

The Interim CIO undertook a series of initiatives to clarify the current position and to identify the real issues facing the IT department and to build an improved level of understanding between the Business and IT.

The key areas that were initially targeted were:

  • IT Capability Assessments
      • CIO Business Vision (a survey that measures satisfaction and value grouped by the IT function with a method what is important for the business)
      • IT Capability Assessment
      • Core Application Assessment
  • Aligning with Business Strategy
      • IT Action Roadmap and IT Realignment

From the CIO Business Vision report, Application Portfolio Assessment and IT Capability Assessment the results were assessed and culminated in an IT Strategy-on-a-Page and the associated roadmap that allowed Westland Milk to understand not only where they were, but also gave them the tools to move forward.

Strategy and transformation

The value that Effectus offered was summed up by the incoming CIO, Mark Blandford.

“The VCIO service that Effectus provided was excellent. As the incoming CIO, most of the issues had already been identified and remedial activity commenced. This included addressing non-performance and governance shortcomings, getting the basics right and engaging with stakeholders at all levels” Mark Blandford, CIO

Strategy and transformation





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