In early 2019 Effectus Ltd selected mountain scenery, with a focus on our Southern Alps, to visually communicate the company’s brand. Mountain imagery reinforces what is important to us and it is from within that analogy we are able to communicate and explain many concepts of creating value from information and technology. It’s near impossible to successfully climb a mountain without research, planning and advice from someone who has done it before or who has helped others achieve similar goals.


Before any journey starts you must understand where you currently are, where you want to get to, and any challenges you anticipate along the trail. We help direct our clients from camp to camp as capability improves which in turn enables improved value. Potentially to the point where IT can be a catalyst for a significant transformation of the business. We have a “Funky” Mountain diagram we refer to often and it helps us visually convey where a business ranks and where they want to rank and how we can assist you in the process.

You reach the summit not by chance, but by preparation and action.


Effectus consultants (Guides) have a range of different skills and different backgrounds, to cover the range of services in IT governance that we deliver to our clients. The Alps are important to us because we are South Island-based and because many of our team identify with the mountains as we like venturing outdoors. Getting out into the mountains helps with balancing our work with a healthy lifestyle. This activity also gives us a chance to relax and reflect. Our Guides also help clients visualise the benefits they will attain by following the path to the next level of IT maturity.


We pride ourselves with  our long-term relationships with our clients and we constantly challenge ourselves to provide value and relevance. We also use the analogy for our clients as they climb their own personal Mount Cook in the form of a business transformation. We have guided many clients through the process and in doing so helped them avoid expensive pitfalls including lack of oxygen (thinking space), environmental conditions (competitive market), and crossing crevasses (technology disruption).


When revising the Effectus brand with the mountain imagery, we also reflected on what this represented in terms of permanence and connection with the environment. There is also the solid symbolism it evokes, and we think this will help form some clarity for our clients about who we are and how earnest we are in our intention to help them create value from information and technology.

Tramping and mountaineering serves a very valuable purpose as our founder, Colin Andersen, discovered when he set himself a personal challenge in 2013 of walking the Te Araroa track from Queen Charlotte Sound to Lake Tekapo. Colin undertook this challenge as a way of processing a difficult time in his personal life.

Walking this track, mostly alone but also with help of others from time to time, reminded him of the importance of having a practical plan before he started that was also malleable as he often had to adapt for external factors beyond his control. Finishing the entire journey was important enough that he revisited the one section which he was not able to do due to weather and time commitments, and he knocked that piece off in 2019.


We have offices based in Christchurch and Dunedin, serving clients nationwide. We would be interested in your views on this new approach so please contact us here.

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