Our consultants combine their experience in good practice with the methodology we have developed for each of our services, to right size each engagement for the customer. They have a vast range of collective experience. Most have some experience working overseas in addition to their New Zealand experience.

We strongly support collaboration among our consultants, to bring ideas to the table and address issues in a shared discussion and challenge environment. All reports and documents sent to the client are reviewed by a senior manager, to ensure we deliver consistent and high-quality output.

With a comprehensive understanding and belief in the enabling power of Information Technology (IT), Effectus is driven by the conviction that IT investments must be firmly founded in identifiable business needs that deliver value. In simpler terms; “we help our clients create business value from information and technology.”

We accomplish our goals through a combination of business-led strategies, choosing the right solutions for our clients, implementing them effectively, improving governance and organisational capability, and managing business change. Delivering exceptional value, whilst remaining vendor and solution agnostic, without exception!

Colin Andersen

Managing Director & Founder

Colin brings 30 years’ experience in IT strategy, transformation, governance and major systems implementation. He is recognised as a specialist in Shared Services Strategy and Data Governance and has a long association with the local government sector. Prior to establishing Effectus in 2007, Colin was Founder/CEO of SQL Services Ltd, growing this into an international database services company and completing a successful sale.

Scott Adams

Principal Consultant

Scott is an experienced Principal Consultant, with 20 years working for New Zealand and Australian organisations in senior management roles. He has extensive sector experience in Manufacturing, Tertiary, Tourism, Agribusiness and is our Local Government, Strategy and Information Management practice lead.

Nikki Rickenberg

Finance Manager

Nikki is a qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant with more than 20 years Finance experience across multiple countries.  Prior to joining Effectus in 2018, Nikki held the role of Finance Director for OSN, the leading entertainment network in the Middle East and North Africa.

Neil Brown

Principal Consultant

Neil has held senior strategic, planning and architectural leadership roles in both the private and public sector and across several diverse industries. A natural curiosity for business challenges, combined with a deep understanding of technology and enterprise technique, allows Neil to persuasively recommend the strategies and investments needed for businesses to achieve their outcomes.

Dan Biggs

Senior Consultant

Dan is an experienced IT Consultant and Programme Manager, with 20+ years working for New Zealand organisations in senior management roles or as an independent. He has extensive sector experience in Health, Utilities, Banking, Insurance, Transport and Telecommunications.

David Shepherd

Programme Manager

David has a proven track record managing successful programmes and projects. He has experience built from several software implementations, business and project management process development, business performance improvements and manufacturing / engineering projects across a broad range of industry sectors.

Reuben O’Callaghan

Project Manager

Reuben is an experienced consultant coming from a strong technical background. He brings senior expertise in project planning, business analysis and design…