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case study

case study

Effectus helps Environment Southland define a path forward



case study

Environment Southland (ES) had requested that Effectus put forward a proposal to establish a Programme Management for the Information Management Strategy Implementation (IMSI) Programme.

Programme Management was an appropriate mechanism to “put pressure on the right place” and was achieved by focusing the staff enthusiasm on the benefits of effective Information Management (IM), building Project Management capability for the future, and leading the Steering group by providing Governance coaching.

To support the IM Strategy implementation, there was also a requirement to create the ES Project Management Framework. The mantra of “Keep it simple” was applied alongside ensuring an appropriate Project Governance culture was created.

case study




Key Approach

Effectus provided Programme Management oversight to the IMSI projects as the Project Managers and Coordinators started the initial iterations of project initiation, team forming and building, project execution, progress reporting and milestone delivery.

case study

The Effectus Programme Management oversight role diminished over time as ES became more comfortable managing projects and had suitable systems in place. This diminishing role was the success indicator for the Effectus engagement as good Project Management practices and disciplines at ES were embedded.

Some ongoing Programme Management oversight does occur to monitor the IMSI projects for the key risk areas and consultation with the Data Stewards.


Environment Southland now has a heightened awareness of the importance of data and information. This is evident in the regular Data Steward meetings, that report on progress across the organisation from a consolidated approach, to an Information Management Policy in action, and that there are always projects and tasks in progress that are clearly aligned to the principles of effective Information Management.

The value that Effectus offered was summed up by Neil Selman (GM Corporate Services).

case study

“Good information is fundamental to our operation, yet without the right management systems, processes and controls, we can make good information harder to access and utilise.  Effectus set us on the journey of self-reliance and continuous improvement” – Neil Selman (GM Corporate Services)


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