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Before any journey is started you must understand where you currently are, where you want to get to, and any challenges you anticipate along the trail. Without this information it is difficult to plan the journey properly and later it will prove difficult to determine whether you have successfully arrived at the desired destination.  As part of each assessment a baseline, to measure the success of our journey with you against, is established.

How it works

We start by working with you to run an agreed set of survey-based diagnostics and/or workshop-based assessments. We use carefully tailored tools and techniques, in close collaboration with the Info-Tech Research Group, that have been adapted specifically for New Zealand conditions. The Info-Tech Research Group is considered an international thought leader in technology-based business research, best practice methodologies and market analysis research. Our Consultants conduct the workshops, interviews and surveys then document where you currently are, where you want to get to, opportunities to realise on-route and actions to take to reach your destination.

Effectus Assessment

CIO Business Vision

Effective stakeholder management is as difficult as it is important. The CIO Business Vision program provides an objective approach to assessing stakeholder satisfaction with the Information Technology function, the services provided and the value delivered.

What is it?

The CIO Business Vision program is a low effort, high impact survey that elicits business feedback across a range of IT services and issues. The target audience includes business leadership, management, influencers and key IT users. Participants are invited to complete a brief survey which includes rating the importance of and satisfaction with key IT services.

A survey results report provides extensive feedback on business satisfaction with IT’s core services, their perceived importance, value delivered, capacity constraints and the overall relationship. An analysis report interprets the survey results, provides peer benchmark analysis by industry, and recommendations for improvement.

How will it help you?

Effectus CIOBV

As critical as effective stakeholder management is, it is typically driven through individual opinions rather than facts. Business satisfaction with IT services is not well understood and IT can fail to meet business needs. Resources may also not be deployed effectively, and effort is wasted because IT isn’t working on the right things. Engaging IT stakeholders allows you to collect business needs and insights, so you better understand the direction IT should be moving and how you can enable the business to achieve its goals.

The CIO Business Vision program is an effective way to gather feedback from business stakeholders. This should improve alignment with business and direct focus to areas requiring improvement. Structured stakeholder feedback will support your strategic planning, budgeting and resourcing efforts, and will provide valuable content for prioritising and engaging with business departments. The industry benchmarking analysis quantifies IT’s performance against other organisations in your industry sector.

Next Steps

Do you want to engage objectively with your stakeholders? Do you need to understand business satisfaction with your services?  Why not engage your stakeholders through a CIO Business Vision survey?

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IT Capability Assessment

An IT Capability assessment reviews current IT activities and processes using a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments.

What is it?

During an Effectus IT Capability Assessment you will be asked a range of questions for each of the relevant [based on the CobiT framework] process areas identified in the assessment. By assessing the current state in comparison with the desired future state and identifying the gaps, Effectus will extract a carefully tailored set of activities and outcomes that, if followed, will result in significantly improved capability.

Effectus IT Capability

How will it help you?

An IT Capability assessment will help you understand current IT capability and provide a baseline from which an accurate journey will be developed to reach your desired capability (as illustrated in the following diagram).  As part of the assessment we will also review whether regulatory, compliance and security requirements are being met.

Effectus can guide you through every step of your journey to reach your desired capability.

Our IT Capability Assessment is structured so that we can review your progress on a regular basis and make any adjustments to meet changing business needs if needed.

Effectus IT Capability Objectives

Reasons for considering an IT Capability Assessment include:

  1. You would like to know how well your investment in IT is performing.
  2. You are unable to articulate how well your investment in IT is supporting your business.
  3. You would like a set of defined actions that improve IT performance to your desired level of capability.
  4. You need an independent assessment of your IT performance.
Next Steps

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Shared Services Feasibility

In your business sector have you been discussing the benefits of Shared Services?

What is it?

A Shared Services Feasibility Review looks at IT maturity, infrastructure and applications for each of the organisations in the group looking to share services. We make an assessment on each organisation’s readiness to align their infrastructure and applications with others in the group.

How will it help you?

You will understand if shared services are feasible for your IT.

Each organisation in the group, will come away with a list of quick wins that will help to make the most of its current IT investment and increase its readiness for shared services.

The feasibility informs you if makes sense financially to share any services.

The review will inform you whether there are applications that could be shared by organisations in the group, for example, a shared financial system.

You will receive a group strategy for shared services, to align systems, share infrastructure and share IT services.

Next Steps

Are you thinking about IT Shared Services? Have you been asked to look at IT Shared Services? Why not do a Shared Services Feasibility Review.

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Disaster Recovery Capability Assessment

A Disaster Recovery Capability Assessment (DRCA) will help you to identify risks and priorities in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

What is it?

A DRCA determines your organisation’s disaster recovery capability and measures it against good practice in this field. As part of the assessment process, IT Managers rate their own capability for each of the key assessment areas.

How will it help you?

Our DRCA will help you to identify risks and priorities and determine how best to mitigate them in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

It is important to keep in mind that Disaster Recovery is not simply the duplication of infrastructure. Your IT team needs to focus on recovering systems that are mission critical to your organisation. These are the systems and key business processes that keep your organisation operating.

If your business managers haven’t identified what these systems and processes are, and it isn’t a priority, then you won’t have confidence that these services can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

Your business managers will be invited to participate in the DRCA process to agree and prioritse the systems and key processes.

Disaster Recovery in itself is NOT Business Continuity Planning or Business Continuity Management; however, Disaster Recovery should be aligned with the bigger picture of Business Continuity Management.

Next Steps

Do you need to develop Service Recovery Targets and a Disaster Recovery Plan? Have you tested your ability to recover in a disaster? Why not start with a Disaster Recovery Capability Assessment?

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Application Assessment

Your portfolio of applications may be growing rapidly due to the demand for new applications or application upgrades from your different areas of business. We map your applications to your business processes and highlight those key priority applications to target for investment.

What is it?

The Application Assessment is a structured approach to systematically evaluate all the applications in your portfolio to determine which applications are performing well against business expectations, applications that are at risk and applications that are non-essential.

Effectus Application AssessmentHow will it help you?

An Application Assessment will help you examine the applications in your application portfolio and decide whether it is worth investing in specific application upgrades or investing in new applications. We work with you to develop guiding principles for application investment and quality, to optimise how effective the applications are for your users.

Next Steps

Do you have a large application portfolio? Do you know which applications are delivering value to your organisation, and which are problematic? Why not start with an Application Assessment?

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Technology Evaluation

Do you need an independent evaluation of technology across your organisation? A technology evaluation is an effective way of assessing the potential value of technology and its contribution to your organisation.

What is it?

An Effectus Technology Evaluation is an independent evaluation of technology across your organisation. In association with carefully selected technology specialists across New Zealand, we manage the evaluation process to ensure all your business requirements are completely satisfied. If they are not, we work in close collaboration with these technology specialists to design an appropriate solution to remedy any problems identified in the process.

We work with you to assess the responses and select the best solution based on agreed criteria and our knowledge of industry good practice and technology solutions.

Our focus is on delivering the right solution for your business, which may not necessarily be the latest fad in technology.

How will it help you?

An Effectus Technology Evaluation follows a robust process that is vendor and technology independent, it will deliver you a professional and unbiased recommendation that is best suited for your organisation.

Next Steps

Is Technology Evaluation one of the items on your infrastructure roadmap? Are you preparing for a technology upgrade? Do you want an independent review of your IT technology recommendations?

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Service Delivery Assessment

Have you implemented service delivery processes, only to discover that there is a mismatch between your organisation’s expectations and the actual delivery of IT services, be they delivered internally or by an external IT service provider?

What is it?

An Effectus Service Delivery Assessment will help you to benchmark your service delivery requirements against the actual delivery capability of the IT Team or IT Service Provider using industry approved standards and processes.

As part of this process, IT Managers rate their service delivery maturity or that from the IT Service Provider and agree future goals to improve the service delivery capability to meet business objectives.

At the end of the process all parties will understand how service calls are prioritised and who is responsible for delivering the service within a reasonable time frame.

How will it help you?

A service delivery assessment will help you to compare your service delivery capability and processes against the ITIL processes of good practice. ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library and is recognised as the leading ICT process framework.

Using our knowledge and experience of the ITIL framework, we assist you to implement appropriate and tailored ITIL processes to suit your organisation and set realistic goals to increase your level of service delivery maturity.

This assessment helps focus on which processes are important for your organisation and sets expectations for service delivery that all parties will understand and follow. Setting a benchmark for your service delivery processes allows you to measure and report on your progress and updates are available for auditors when required.

Next Steps

Is the delivery of IT service in your organisation considered to be cost effective and delivering value to your business? Why not start with a Service Delivery Assessment?

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Information Security Assessment

Our Information Security Assessment will help you identify vulnerabilities and security risks that your organisation may be exposed to and formulate a comprehensive plan to protect your business.

What is it?

An Effectus Security Assessment reviews security across your entire IT platform and identifies security weaknesses and risks to your business. We work with you to identify your business vulnerabilities and risks and your priorities for mitigating business risks.

We review the security of your complete IT platform and compare it with the best practice security standards.

We recommend actions to reduce business risks and address security weaknesses. We recommend new technologies that can introduce security solutions backed with appropriate security policies and procedures.

How will it help you?

An information security breach can result in a loss of customer confidence, private information can be leaked, or a malicious attack can lead unavailability of critical systems when most needed. All of which could be a significant cost to your organisation, not to mention the damages to your organisation’s reputation.

Identifying security weaknesses and risks to your business enables you to take mitigating actions before any damage of a security breach is incurred.

Next Steps

Have you assessed your security risks?  Have you introduced policies and procedures to reduce your security risks?

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Data Governance Capability Assessment

A data governance assessment will help you to identify how well your organisation is in control of its data.

What is it?

An Effectus Data Governance Assessment looks at how your organisational data is controlled measured against recommended industry best practice. During the assessment process managers rate their own data governance maturity for each of the key assessment areas.

How will it help you?

A data governance assessment will give you a baseline of how well your organisation controls its data against standards of good practice.  This assessment will help you identify your risks and priorities for your data.

It will help:

  • you focus on what data the business needs and to prioritise your data initiatives based on business priorities;
  • address your organisation’s data quality challenges and provide guidelines on how to manage the data so that the right information is available for those who need to access it; and
  • to guide your organisation towards data standards so that the data is accurate, consistent, complete, current and relevant.
Next Steps

Are you concerned about the quality of your data? Do you have Data Governance in place?

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Infrastructure Assessment

An infrastructure capability assessment will help you align your investment in IT infrastructure to support your organisation’s business needs.

What is it?

An Effectus Infrastructure Capability Assessment uses the CobiT framework to assess maturity against good practice in infrastructure architecture. IT Managers rate the organisation’s capability maturity and agree future goals to improve the infrastructure to meet business goals and objectives.

How will it help you?

Our Infrastructure Capability Assessment:

  • helps you align the infrastructure technology with business objectives, not technology objectives;
  • provides a high-level overview of how your current systems currently support your business processes;
  • helps you assess if your infrastructure has been deployed to meet the needs of the business, and if it is able to meet changing needs;
  • assesses if your infrastructure operability and stability delivering the best value of your infrastructure investments. Inability to meet the needs of the business places a higher priority on your infrastructure investments; and
  • gives you a baseline to compare your progress against your goals.
Next Steps

Do you want us to help you prioritise your investment in infrastructure upgrades? Are you concerned that your infrastructure is out of step with good practice? Are you concerned about the risks of your current infrastructure? Why not start with an Infrastructure Assessment?

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