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Project delivery is not just about good project management; successful projects are managed around business outcomes and ensures benefits have been realised and the required organisational change to adopt the new system or functionality has taken place.

Why you need it

Managing the effective delivery of change is the essence of project management. It is not just about managing the change in technology. It involves managing the environment in which this change takes place, making it as seamless as possible for end users and dealing with issues as they arise. The project manager and sponsor should prepare all parties for the change and once the project is nearing completion, ensure an effective handover to the business and IT staff supporting the change.

How it works
  • Prioritising and alignment of IT investments by the executive team for effective delivery and ongoing management.
  • Establishment of a function and discipline to actively monitor the progress of projects and programmes of work, reporting on progress to key stakeholders.
  • Invest in project management skills and disciplines to ensure that projects deliver business value and expected benefits.
  • Establish a continuous improvement culture to ensure that learnings from implemented projects are used to improve decision making in the future.

Effectus Deliver

Service Delivery Implementation

Service Delivery Implementation is a recognised framework to ensure IT services are customer focused.  It follows a service delivery assessment and the development of a service delivery roadmap.  It is the activities and processes in the action plan to achieve your service delivery goals within a realistic timeframe for introducing business benefits that are accompanied by significant change across the organisation.

How will it help you?

It will help you develop a service-led culture that is customer focused.

It will help you meet the realistic timeframes you have set in your roadmap. We work with the service delivery team as you introduce the change and we help you entrench the new services across your organisation.

We help you set up service delivery targets and response times.

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Project Management

Project Management is the process to deliver predictable project outcomes and to ensure the project is delivered on time, on budget, and to the agreed scope whilst maintaining quality standards. Good project management practice regularly refers to the business case for the project to check that the project is still justified.

How will it help you?

The project manager will coordinate all activities and resources and address issues and risks as they arise.

The project manager will regularly report back to key stakeholders on the project, reporting on progress, milestones achieved, key issues and risks, and drawing to their attention any important decisions that need to be made.

The project manager will help you kick start the project.  Starting with a plan, this ensures the right resources are available, and the key stakeholders are well informed.

We can independently conduct a project post-implementation review which will capture the successes and collect useful pointers for the next project.

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Project Governance Framework

The Effectus Project Management Methodology (EPMM) is a set of processes, tools and techniques used to achieve predictable outcomes.  The Effectus Project Management Methodology is flexible and scalable which means that it is based on the level of complexity and size of the respective project.  It aligns with industry best practice guidelines from recognised project management institutions.

How will it help you?

Using the EPMM across the projects in your organisation helps create a strategic value chain that supports your organisation to remain competitive and relevant particularly in high risk markets and sectors. Not only does it ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget and scope but also ensures that the requisite organisational change is delivered effectively across your organisation and that the project delivers business value.

We include the tools to manage your portfolio of projects and help you prioritise them according to what the business needs as well as project planning and resource scheduling.

We work with you to tailor our methodology to suit your business needs based on our extensive knowledge and project delivery success with similar organisations.

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RFP Management

RFP stands for ‘Request for Proposal’.  Effectus provides independent RFP Management process to ensure that you benefit form an unequivocal independent an unbiased response from IT vendors. We scrupulously prepare the RFP document to ensure it includes all your business requirements.  We in turn manage the RFP process on your behalf with vendors capable of delivering solutions that address all your business requirements with tried and tested solutions.

We work with you to review and consider the responses, and through carefully designed assessments, choose the solution best suited to your organisation based on agreed criteria and our in-depth knowledge of good practice solutions.  Once you have shortlisted suitable vendors, we engage each vendor to demonstrate their solutions and capability. The vendor demonstrations are based on agreed scenarios to ensure that they can deliver on their specific responses.

How will it help you?

Our focus is on delivering the right solution for the business.   We will help you collect and define your requirements should you require it.

In many instances, we will have prior relationships with some vendors based on previous engagements but strictly maintain our integrity in not recommending a particular vendor, unless it is fait accompli.

The vendors respond to a list of requirements that have been mutually agreed to and is subject to review and evaluation based on a number of measurable factors. We liaise with the vendor on your behalf.

We produce a clear and concise recommendation based on the results of your objective evaluations.

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Data Governance is organising and implementing policies and standards for the effective use of your organisation’s information assets.

How will it help you?

You will have a set of policies and standards to ensure data governance.

It will ensure your organisation manages your data as a corporate asset.

We ensure that you to set up a data governance group and to nominate data stewards across the business.

We help you to understand and prioritise data initiatives and understand what data really matters to your organisation and put measures in place to protect and enhance this critical corporate asset.

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