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As IT teams have matured in recent times and develop closer working relationships with the business, and as such, have increasingly utilised technology to help create an improved customer experience but as is so often, their endeavours are knowable, but are generally flawed for many reasons. Whilst some point solutions such as mobile applications and social media initiatives will have an impact, the real gains are to be made in the integration of People, Process & Technology in delivering improved customer experience outcomes.

Why you need it

We operate in an increasingly competitive market place today, with global, internet-based services pushing into traditional services models in very disruptive ways. The best way to protect your business from this challenge is to have a strong relationship with your customers and to understand how you can improve their experience ensuring the proper integration and delivery of these technologies.

How it works

Driving business change through customer experience goals is turning the traditional business model on its head.

This in turn requires a different approach to fully understand the cross-over between what will deliver business value as opposed to what may deliver business value.

To this end, rapid prototyping uses Design Thinking principles to flesh out new approaches to ensure customer sentiment which is then tested with these customers in an iterative, fast paced manner.

Once the new “customer experience” has been validated the prototype can be moved into formal production and released in much quicker cycles than traditional IT delivery.

Effectus Expand


In today’s ever-changing world, organisations and businesses are keen to adopt a more flexible approach to delivering projects and want to become more agile. However, for organisations delivering projects and programmes, and where existing formal project management processes already exist, the informality of many of the agile approaches is daunting and is sometimes perceived as too risky. These organisations need a mature agile approach – agility within the concept of project delivery.

Since its launch in 2014, Effectus’ Agile Project Management Approach has proved very effective and popular and has enabled the adoption of Agile project delivery across numerous clients.

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