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Developing a strategy is critical to Information Technology professionals. Today we are faced with a myriad of new technologies, user expectations, risks and business demands. A good strategy will provide IT, the business and the leadership with a clear picture of how the strategic directions of the Information Technology services support the business goals going forward.

Why you need it

An Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) is closely linked to, supports and enables the business strategy, describing a vision for the future and the benefits that can be provided to the business.

How it works

Effectus has developed a methodology that ensues that your ISSP will provide your stakeholders with:

  • A clear picture of how IT supports the organisations business objectives.
  • Evidence of the business benefits that investments in IT will provide.
  • A compelling future state vision of an organisation enabled and even transformed through appropriate investment in technology, process and people.
  • A clear roadmap of the steps necessary to successfully implement the ISSP.

IT Strategy Development

Executives and Governance Committees want clear and demonstrable evidence that investments in IT are justified and aligned to your organisation’s business strategy. An IT Strategy is a simple concise strategic plan which supports the overall business strategy. It provides a clear plan and budget for the medium-term investment in IT. The IS Strategic Plan is commonly referred to as an ISSP.

It follows on from our IT Maturity Assessment which provides you a baseline of your organisation’s IT capability and performance. The plan includes improvement targets and the activities need to be completed to meet these targets.

How will it help you?

We work with you to align the IS Strategic Plan to the overall business strategy. We help you to develop a plan that is understood and supported by managers in the business and is right sized for your organisation.

The plan includes the strategic funding requirements and the business outcomes this investment will deliver.

The plan addresses key strategic questions around application investment, service delivery improvement and outsourcing versus in-house service delivery.

We help you plan how to communicate the key messages from the plan to the rest of the business.

Next Steps

Does your IT Strategy need reviewing? Do you have an IT Strategy?  We can help you with your IT strategy development.

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Infrastructure Architecture

Infrastructure Architecture enables you to plan what infrastructure you need to support business system changes.  It involves defining the scope and principles to design an ideal operational model of your infrastructure. This model shows how the different systems are integrated and highlights system dependencies and potential vulnerabilities like potential bottlenecks.

How will it help you?

There may be a skills or capacity shortage in your IT team to properly prepare your infrastructure architecture design. Or, as is common, there are invariably more urgent priorities that demand attention, with the result being that no one is available to prepare it. Effectus consultants can provide up to date independent and business focused advice on your architecture. We can help determine if the current infrastructure is optimally configured, cost effective and how well it supports for the business.

The Infrastructure Architecture operational model aims to:

  • manage and support infrastructure projects
  • create technology roadmaps aligned to what the business requires
  • help reduce the complexity of the technology
  • make it easier to make technology changes
Next Steps

Do you want us to help you model your Infrastructure Architecture? If you do, why not start with an Infrastructure Assessment?

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Disaster Recovery Plan

An Effectus Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is prepared by the IT Team to plan for the outage scenarios they have agreed are most important for the organisation.

How will it help you?

Disaster Recovery is not simply the duplication of your IT infrastructure. Your IT team must focus on recovering the systems that are mission critical to the organisation during any outage or disaster. These are the systems or the key business processes that keep the organisation operating no matter what. If your business managers haven’t identified what these systems and processes are, or if it isn’t a priority, then you will not have confidence that these services can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery is not Business Continuity Planning or Business Continuity Management. However, Disaster Recovery must be aligned with the bigger picture of Business Continuity Management.

You will have a plan that is scheduled to be updated regularly. It details how to recover systems that support mission critical systems and business processes. As part of a cogent DRP, you will not be focusing on business processes that are expensive but do not provide value to your business. The DRP must be integrated into the ICT operational procedures, so the ICT team are aware of the risk, maintain the critical systems and this reduces the cost to deliver the recovery of services.

Next Steps

Do you need to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan?

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Service Delivery Roadmap

An Effectus Service Delivery Roadmap is based on your IT strategic goals to ensure the delivery of business systems and services at all times.  Customer service functions are aligned to these strategic goals.  The roadmap represents the action plan to achieve these goals within a realistic timeframe and to manage significant change across your organisation.

How will it help you?

It will help you develop a service culture that is customer focused.

It will set realistic timeframes for changes to service delivery that involve many people across the business.  It includes steps to introduce the change in a managed and staged approach and communicated to all parties.

We work with your IT Service Delivery Manager to ensure the service delivery team can work with and meet the objectives that have been set.

We help you prioritise your goals for service delivery.

Next Steps

Do you have a strategic vision of what your customer service performance should be?  Do you want to increase your service delivery capability?

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