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        Effectus helps Fulton Hogan define and select an HCM Solution & Vendor

Fulton Hogan had many disparate People and HR applications and processes that resulted in a lack of clarity of workforce information across the business covering three countries and 8000+ people. This led to the unsecured, inefficient, and time-consuming collection, storage and management of People and HR information.

Fulton Hogan required a robust system for its People & HR processes and procedures as they impact every person involved with the business. This system helps to define Fulton Hogan’s culture and values from a person’s first and last engagement with the business.

The solution needed to provide a ‘step change’ that significantly raised organisational capability, supported scalability for future growth, implemented best practice processes to support People and HR processes and provided a consistent user experience via the most appropriate channel.

Solution scope is outlined below in the integrated HCM framework.











Key Approach

The Effectus approach was phased to first get Fulton Hogan ready to go to market, then to support them in selecting an HCM solution and vendor that was the best fit for their needs.

Phase One: Prepare to go to Market

This phase involved establishing the project framework, governance and documenting the current state environment. Workshops across the business identified key pain points to address, and functional requirements were developed against the HCM framework.

Product and vendor market assessments were used to filter solutions and vendors for the RFP process. Finally, a preliminary business case was approved by the executive.


Phase Two: HCM Solution & Vendor Selection

A key aspect of the journey was a gated decision process, where key criteria were reviewed, updated and the business case refreshed with new information.

Extensive vendor demos and scenario presentations were critical to ensuring alignment with Fulton Hogan system needs and cultural fit between the organisations.

A robust governance model provided strong oversight and direction throughout, culminating in board signoff to proceed with a preferred vendor and commercial contracts.


This comprehensive end to end process delivered a robust business decision and fit for purpose outcome for Fulton Hogan with a scalable, modern enterprise wide software as a service solution.

“Getting the Effectus team engaged with Fulton Hogan was a crucial part of our decision-making process when it came to our HCM vendor. We were confident that we had a cleat view of what we were looking for and how to go about it. Having the Effectus teamwork through this, alongside Fulton Hogan’s team, ultimately made for a better solution.” Rob Woodgate, Group CFO

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